Race night services

Three Features That Make Race Night Services Stand Out

Race Night services are more than just a DVD and some betting slips used to make money for charity, in fact, they are much, much more. With B & W Race Nights your services include everything that you could possibly need to hold the most profitable fundraiser possible. They even include helpful tips and tricks designed to maximize your potential earnings. The next time you say fundraiser, people will be rearranging schedules so that they can attend. The package on offer goes beyond the call of good service and includes...

  • A 100%-- completely authentic race track experience
  • Tips on how to add other fundraising activities to maximize the sum raised at your charity event
  • Step by step guides to help you get the most out of your experience for the least amount of money

The authenticity of Race Night Services stands out as one of its most endearing features. This feature alone gives your fundraising event the look and feel of a real night at the races. With several packages to choose from, the Race Night DVDs are actual races run by English horses and greyhound race dogs and the commentary is also authentic. The original sportscasters include Channel Four's race enthusiast Graham Goode and award winning Jim Rosenthal of British football and formula one racing. It just does not get more authentic than this.

Unlike other fundraising programs that give you a kit, some instructions and then leave you to sink or swim, Race Night Services include useful hints that help you to understand the best way to organize your Race Night. They give you helpful suggestions covering everything from personalized Race cards to how to lay out the room for optimal results. Then they take it one step further by offering extra products designed to make your charity fundraiser a one of a kind event. They will even show you how to work in other games, activities, and services to optimize contributions. Organising a buffet and making ticket entrance charges will help make a profit for your club or charity before the race night even starts.

As with any fundraising tool, knowing how it works is half the battle. The other half is finding one that works easily and is completely accurate. This is what sets Race Night Services apart from the rest. Insightful suggestions like how much to charge for tote tickets and how to use the handy tabulator form which makes tallying the winners, separating the donation percentage, and paying out correctly a breeze. Other features, like the Dual Forecast Tickets and Tricast Poster are fully explained to help you succeed.

The end results are Race Night Services that are fun to set up and run, exciting and fun for the participants and get your charity the biggest bang in contributions, whether it is a hospital, the local PTA, or any other cause worthy of a helping hand. If you want to be the one that everyone else looks to when charitable events need to be planned and overseen, you can count on B & W Services and Race Nights to make you look good.

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