Race Night Hire

Race Night Hire - About Our Race Night Hire

There is a totally unique fund-raising system that is unlike any other. When you turn to Race Night Hire for your charity event, you will not just raise money for a worthy cause, the participants can also win money; in fact, it is guaranteed that someone will be a big winner. Meanwhile, a good percentage of your Race Night Hire will be set aside for your charity. Basically, it is a fun and profitable endeavour at a cost that is almost unbelievable, especially when you consider what comes in your Race Night package.

The key to Race Night's success is the authenticity with which it is presented. The Race Night DVD is a professional video of eight races. It can be our standard 8 horse race package or perhaps a mix of horse and greyhound races with eight runners in each race. Your donor participants will receive an authentic race program from which to choose their favourites either by favourite number or unique name. The packages even come with real betting slips.

The hire packages come with an entire evening full of racing entertainment and opportunities to pick a winner! The experience is almost exactly like the real thing. The big difference is that your favourite charity or special cause will benefit and every one will have a wonderful time.

The Race Night program uses a "betting tote system", once you have decided the betting unit which is based on a win only and is normally set at £1, customers can then place as many bets as they wish. In the "betting tote system," all bets are placed and collected before the race begins. Before the racing starts one of the attendees selects one of the races to be shown at random so that no one can possibly know the result in advance. Once the bets are collected, the percentage that goes to charity is deducted and the remainder is placed in the "winnings" bank so that it can be divided amongst the winning bets!

Perhaps the best part about Race Nights is that they are so simple and easy to put together. The packages include everything that you will need with the exception of a location and volunteers. There simply is no other charitable event kit or package that is as easy to use as or more complete than a Race Night DVD package giving all the excitement at the night at the races.

Race Night Hire packages are inexpensive and this is the only charity event system that pays the attendees, provides the excitement that comes with racing and promotes fellowship in a party style atmosphere that is hard to forget. It is the most fun you can have while donating to charities such as schools, hospitals, organizations or an individual family in need of assistance. In fact, Race Night is so popular in the UK that it has reached beyond the ocean to become the popular charity event choice in the U.S.

Delivery & return £6.99.