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Race Night DVD - About our Race Night DVD

Normally, popping in a good DVD means settling in at home and kicking off your shoes but you can forget that when we're talking about a race night DVD. Instantly you are transported to all the atmosphere of a race night with fellow guests and friends. The purpose of a race night DVD is to raise funds for charity and hopefully win some money for yourself but betting on the horses. Remember, all the losers at the race night have made the winners and more importantly the charity very happy. So why stay at home when you can be at the races!

Rarely will you see more action on a DVD than Race nights. Arnold Schwarzenegger moves in slow motion compared with the eight heart-pounding, down to the wire races you will see here. If you love going to the races but do not miss the long drive, long lines and long odds, our Race Night DVD is just the ticket you need for a great night out on the town.

The Race Night DVD is wildly popular in the UK and is building a fantastic reputation as a successful charity fund raising tool. While other events have dinner parties and raffles, Race Night brings people together for a night of fun and entertainment. In the US, American audiences are getting in on the act as more people discover the joys of the Race Night DVD.

There are numerous Race Night packages available that are perfect for any fund raising endeavour. Each package contains a DVD with eight races, featuring both horse and dog races commentated by the legendary sportscasters Graham Goode and Jim Rosenthal. The DVDs are professionally made to industry standards giving them the look and feel of live racing. In fact, if you did not know better, you would think you were right there in a booth at the track.

Race Night's DVDs can be combined with other functions like a buffet so that they are even more profitable. It is just like being at the track where they serve food, except the food that you sell will profit your chosen charity. You can even combine the two and charge a cover at the door. Every penny adds up, especially when you throw in the tips from your volunteer waiting staff.

If you are looking for an excellent fundraiser, Race Night has the packages that contain everything you will need to successfully raise money for your favourite charity from start to finish. The highlight of the entire concept is the Race Night DVD, which will turn an ordinary charity event into a spectator participation sport that will be the talk of the evening and many days to come.

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