Horse Racing DVD

Horse Racing DVD - About our Horse Racing DVD

A hush falls over the spectators. The starting gates fly open and they're off! It's a classic horse race. For the greyhounds, the buzzer sounds, the traps open and they're off chasing a small metal rabbit, eight of the leanest muscled greyhounds you have ever seen. If it is a horse race you are witness to, these massive, broad chested beasts break out of the gate with the sound of thunder. Eight jockeys, knees clenched against flanks, elbows in, and whips flashing are all intent on one thing, the finish line. From the excitement in the air, you are either at the race track, or you are at a fund raiser watching the horse racing DVD provided by Race Night's B & W Services.

These professionally made videos, commentated by some of the most famous voices in racing, are so close to actually being at the track that you can almost feel the ground shake. No one makes a finer Racing video. The moment you hear the live racing commentaries of Channel Four's Graham Goode and ITV's top dog, Jim Rosenthal, you are immediately transported to the track and all of the sights and sounds thereof.

The thing that really makes the DVD's special once you set aside the realism, the sound effects and the professional commentaries is the atmosphere that they lend to your fund raising event. Seeing your guests come to life and become caught up in the heat of the racing moment is as exciting as participating in the betting.

The DVD is just a small part of what makes a Race Night Fundraiser special. The realism spills over from the DVD in the Race Night package. All the items that you would have if you were actually at the track are included , from the betting slips to the programmes, everything is as authentic as it can be. You are never left out in the cold, scratching your head and wondering how to proceed. All the details are there and they even throw in tips and tricks to squeeze every penny of your profits for charity as is possible.

At the end of the day, it is the Horse Racing DVD that brings it all together. The races are actually chosen by the participants after the betting is all in and before each race finishes. This totally negates the possibility of an unfair advantage for anyone and makes the racing format even more unpredictable. You do not even have to strain your brain trying to figure out how to divide the winnings to the winners. The payout tabulators make it easy and fun and help to avoid long pauses between races.

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