Charity race night

Charity events are a popular way of raising money for good causes in the UK, with a long tradition of fetes, bazaars, jumble sales and some of the more modern ways of raising funding with telethons and other media related extravaganzas. A popular new way for local groups to raise money for a cause is the Charity Race Night. This type of event is becoming ever more popular as it is a fun and interesting social event as well as a great means of generating money.

There are new companies nowadays that offer special packages for this type of event which makes the organisation of the occasion much easier for those involved. The package should include help and advice on how to put on a race night as well as all the items and equipment you will need in order to make the occasion as authentic as possible.

A Race Night event can be combined with other means of raising funds, such as offering food and drink as part of the occasion. With some simple catering arrangements, offering refreshments as part of the night out can add significantly to the total that you are able to raise. Another popular option amongst event organisers is to offer some food and charge a cover price on the door. This sort of event can have so many different extras added to it and all are opportunities of raising a few more pounds for the pot. The world really is your limit with this type of fund raiser.

Anybody who has been asked to help with money raising events for a local, school or community event would do well to consider suggesting a charity race night. With the packages available nowadays this can be an impressive social occasion that may raise more money than expected.

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